Welcome to Gelbray.

The collaboration between a commercial director, a compliance manager and a media producer.

United by a common goal, they set themselves the challenge of building a compliance tool so good; it’s talked about during everyday conversation, right next to “Did you see X-Factor, or strictly at the weekend?”

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It started with a simple problem.

A compliance team was struggling with engagement.

Employees were taking part in e-learning and training exercises, however, when surveyed, they admitted it was all a bit of a bore and instantly forgettable! They didn’t value it, nor feel it was relevant to them or their day job.

So, whilst the auditors were satisfied, it was questionable as to whether or not the business was reducing its REAL compliance risk.

And it didn’t stop there...

Their budget was stretched so tightly delivering policies and procedures to employees, the 10,000 strong supply chain was left to its own devices, trusted to adopt their own compliance programme whilst fulfilling contracts on behalf of the business.

With a lack of checks and balances in place, a large compliance risk was uncovered.


It’s a new technology hub, a compliance shop for businesses, subscribed to by their employees and supply chain, or in fact, anyone trading on behalf of the business. It fulfills what we set out to do: engage an audience, make training content memorable, include the supply chain and reduce compliance risk in the process.

It has three component parts:

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    It’s more entertainment actually. We’re producing content that employees will love. It’s bite sized, chunked up, categorised, delivered in useful nuggets that can be recalled and referenced easily. We’re talking apps, bits and bytes, not 34 slide presentations.

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    Always switched on, always connected, available through any desktop, laptop, tablet or smart device in our pockets. Easy and fuss free to implement, our new platform is flexible, mobile and more relevant to the way we are used to consuming content.

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    It captures a wealth of analytics, turning a blunt tick into a set of trend capturing, measurable KPI’s…..turn knowledge into something tangible, measure consumption, application, clicks, shares, likes and scores.

But the best part is…’s free. How?
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